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We are professional ISA certified arborists and have advanced expertise. We are fully dedicated to providing only the best assistance for our customers. We have ​experts to offer tips and consultations for your entire yard with some of the most affordable prices in Vancouver. We offer these services for residential and commercial properties. We work extensively in the entire Metro Vancouver, British Columbia area and are pleased to provide you with a no obligation free consultation at your home or office.

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Tree Service Vancouver provides ​Removal, Planting, ​Trimming, and Stump Grinding. Every tree deserves proper care and maintenance!

We offer these services that are a requirement for a safe and flourishing natural environment in your neighborhood. With the help of our specialist’s capable hands and our equipment, we can prevent the dangers posed by pest and disease-ridden trees to cars, houses, and everyone in general.

Services We Offer

We offer tree removal help which can be necessary depending on your situation. Some of the reasons why there is a need for ​this when there is an interference with the health of other shrubs, the roots are compromising the integrity of a building foundation, or threatens to damage properties and potentially harm people, or its in poor health and can’t be saved.

How to remove a tree? Removal needs careful planning. We need to look at everything that affects the job: buildings, roads, landscaping, utility and power lines. Since this process is a highly technical task, it requires the help of our tree doctors or arborist, who are highly trained and qualified professionals, to oversee the process along with our bucket trucks and cutting equipment. Visit our blog for more info.

When you choose us you’ll get efficient and affordable tree felling and removal. Call us 24/7 for emergency ​removal at (778) 725-6016.

​Planting & Transplanting

Plant the right​ one in the right place with our help!

You can trust our team of certified arborists to determine the best tree for your yard or lawn. In order to get the full benefits of enriching the your exterior property, you need to make sure that you have the right ​evergreen or sapling for your yard.

Choosing the right ​​conifer, depends on multiple factors such as your local weather conditions, soil, regional pests and diseases, and many more. Once everything is settled, you will appreciate the benefits to you and your property. Aside from keeping you cool in the summer and providing fresh oxygen, it is also an investment in your landscape to enhance your homes curb appeal and property value.

Improve the look of your property and surround yourself with some lush green foliage. Call us for planting ​at help (778) 725-6016.

Tree Trimming Vancouver​

In order to keep your trees in good condition you need to keep them maintained.

Trimming and pruning are the cornerstones to keeping your trees in excellent shape. It is often done for aesthetic and safety purposes. You can prevent hazardous situations from happening by immediately calling us to remove a dead branch or trim dead or broken branches and limbs that may fall without notice. Pruning also helps to maintain the natural shape and appearance by discarding overgrown branches, leaving ​it aesthetically and healthy​.

Pruning is also beneficial for fruit-bearing trees. It can help increase the capacity to bear fruit and give you a bigger harvest. It can also save an infected ​one by strategically pruning away the pests and disease-ridden parts. One of the most common plant disease found ​in apple trees, is the canker which damages the bark and affects its capacity.

Stump Grinding

Stumps are often left in the ground after cutting down ​an oak or willow. They can be quite unsightly and can negatively affect the aesthetic value of your property. Aside from that, it can also become a breeding ground for pests.

You may consider removing it by yourself to save some cash but it’s not a task that you should take on by yourself. Two common ways to remove a stump is to grind it to bits with special equipment or to pull it out. Neither one is an easy task and you have to be trained for this type of work to ensure that safety requirements are met.


We aim for a healthier and greener environment. We ​work effortlessly together with our team of expert tree surgeons and arborists. It is our pleasure to provide the best ​help in the Vancouver area. Trust our team of experts to give you proper assessment and diagnosis of any issues.

We value the importance of your neighborhood and safety. Dead branches, sick and infested trees are at a higher risk to cause significant damage during disasters. Fallen trees and branches are some of the most frequent causes of road closures and property damage experienced in the aftermath of a storm like the one that rocked Stanley Park back in 2011. We want everyone to stay safe and let our team of professionals handle the dangerous and hard work.

Skilled Professionals

Our business is formed by a team of professionals skilled in evaluating ​the health of your landscape. We have arborists to ensure your job is completed right the first time.

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Areas We​ Work in Vancouver​

We are located in Vancouver, BC Canada. We offer our services in the following areas:

Start caring for your trees and maintain a safe and secure yard, minimize damages caused during natural disasters such as wind storms, and keep your property looking fresh.

We available 24/7 to help you. Call (778) 725-6016 for a free quote.


  • Yaletown
  • West End
  • Gastown
  • Coal Harbour

West Side:

  • Arbutus
  • Dunbar
  • False Creek
  • South Granville
  • Kerrisdale
  • Kitsilano
  • Marpole
  • Oakridge
  • Cambie
  • Shaughnessy
  • UBC/Point Grey

East Side:

  • Grandview
  • Commercial Drive
  • Hastings Sunrise
  • Killarney
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Main Street
  • Strathcona
  • Sunset
  • Fraserview

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VTS is located in the heart of the city. Seconds away from the financial district and historic Gastown. Many family and businesses call Vancouver home. VTS proud to provide the best quality ​workmanship in the city.

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Directions to ​VTS from YVR International Airport: Head southwest on Grant McConachie Way E. Continue straight to stay on Grant McConachie Way E. Keep left to stay on Grant McConachie Way E. Continue onto Arthur Laing Bridge/Marine Dr SW. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Marine Drive E and merge onto SW Marine Dr. Turn left onto Cambie St. Keep left to stay on Cambie St. Continue onto Cambie St Bridge/Smithe St. Continue to follow Smithe St. Turn right onto Beatty St. Turn right onto W Georgia St/Georgia Viaduct/BC-1A/BC-99A S. Keep left to continue on Georgia Viaduct. Continue straight onto Prior St. Turn left onto Campbell Ave. Turn left and you’ll arrive at VTS.

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