​Hedge Trimming & Pruning Vancouver

​We know that feeling- after a busy day of running errands, you pull your car into the driveway and catch a glance of your overgrown, unkempt hedge. It’s unsightly and needs to be fixed, but who has the time?

Even for weekend warriors excited to take on DIY projects at home, hedge trimming likely isn’t at the top of the list. With countless home maintenance responsibilities, hedge trimming is the task that often gets put off until later (or never!). It’s a messy, time-consuming task that requires investment in costly tools that will require proper storage and results in the debris strewn across your property that you need to clean up. If you do decide to invest in what’s needed, there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with your amateur attempts at hedge trimming. Vancouver Tree Services removes the hassle and tends to your hedges with knowledge, care, and professional-grade equipment.

Hedge Trimming Vancouver

​Residing in one of the most livable cities in the world, we can all agree we’re lucky to call Vancouver home. Knowing this, we feel that Vancouver’s neighbourhoods should be kept looking their best, and get a great sense of pride in knowing Vancouver Tree Services is an integral part of that.

​Why Trim Your Hedges?

​Beyond the great feeling of having your property be the envy of your neighbours, there’s practical reasons to trim your hedges. While substantial rainfall in Vancouver is what keeps our parks and conservation areas lush and green, it also means the trees and bushes on our properties need regularly scheduled maintenance to thrive. The amount of rain we receive promotes fast-growing hedges, and they benefit from trimming and pruning by experienced arborists.

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Whether it’s a boxwood, holly hedge, or other varietals, trimming can promote air circulation to assist the hedge’s longevity and overall health. When dying branches are removed, it increases the vitality of the plant and allows it to flourish. With professional trimming bi-annually, the growth habits of plants can be trained to achieve better shaping. We also assess the health of your property’s hedges and look out for any markers of disease or infestations, so that issues can be resolved before they result in a costlier problem.

It’s also crucial to upkeep your property for the benefit of your Vancouver community. We’ve all been walking down a residential sidewalk and have had to duck away to avoid the overgrown branches alongside us because it’s been left to grow wild. Don’t be that neighbour! Vancouver Tree Services can relieve you of the daunting tasks of hedge trimming, saving you time and money. We can all admit we want to be enjoying our backyards and front porches with a drink in hand admiring our landscaping, rather than working tirelessly on it! We’d love to know if we can make that dream come true- give us a call today.


​Best Time to Trim Your Hedges

While it seems pretty straight-forward, hedge trimming does involve some timing and strategy if completed the right way. Unlike other companies who may suggest that hedge trimming is necessary more often, Vancouver Tree Services is dedicated to bringing you the most value. We understand that you’re investing hard-earned money into your property, and we’ll provide guidance for when the optimal times are for maintenance throughout the year. Choosing to trim in the correct growth phase of trees, bushes, and hedges can be extremely beneficial for your wallet because it means less upkeep and healthy foliage.

With Vancouver’s seasonal changes, we typically focus on hedge trimming for our clients during the late summer and autumn. This is because we’re able to trim after the most growth has occurred during the summer months, and prepare the hedge for the upcoming winter season when its growth will slow down. It’s best to rid the hedging of any dead plant matter or dying branches before the colder weather sets in. By following this schedule, the hedges surrounding your home will likely not need another trim until springtime arrives, setting you up for a consistent bi-annual schedule. Most importantly, it gives cut wounds enough time to heal before the arrival of potential frost.

​Common Hedges We Trim

​Vancouver’s amazing climate and soil quality lends itself to a massive variety of garden possibilities. Though you may not be a hedge expert, we are! Even if you’re not familiar with the type of hedge you have, we can identify it quickly and give it the specific care it requires. Here’s a list of the common hedges we trim: English and Portuguese laurel, Western hemlock, emerald cedar, cypress, Brown’s yew, holly, and boxwood hedge, cedar.

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years and are looking to step back from landscaping chores, or recently moved into a new home, we’re here to help. Call us for a consultation today.

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Why Choose Us

​Imagine pulling into your driveway and beaming at the gorgeous front yard before your eyes. Or inviting family and friends over for a casual barbecue and having them admire your backyard, complete with recently groomed hedges that provide a lush green backdrop and privacy. Vancouver Tree Services gives you your time back and allows you to enjoy your property without any risky equipment in your hands. After we’ve serviced your property, there’s no clean up necessary, and you can rest easy knowing the job was well done. We employ horticulture experts who enjoy their craft and want to beautify your outdoor landscaping. Reach out today for your custom estimate.

​Areas of Vancouver We Service

​Our team of experts can be deployed all around the city, from Granville Island to Strathcona. We work efficiently and ensure all clippings are cleaned up thoroughly, leaving you with a perfectly groomed hedge and a glowing sense of pride about the exterior of your home! It’s been proven that landscaping by professionals can increase the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a lasting investment that you can benefit from now, and when it’s time to sell.

Here’s the areas we service:

Downtown Vancouver
West End
Coal Harbour

West Side
Arbutus Ridge
False Creek / Olympic Village
Granville Island/Fairview
South Cambie-Oakridge

East Side
Riley Park-Little Mountain

South Vancouver

We’d be happy to visit your neighbourhood and make your property stand out. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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