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Nobody likes the look of an unsightly old stump. Sometimes the only option is to cut down a tree. Disposing of a tree stump that was left in the ground years after the tree was removed can be a real pain especially if it’s a big one!

It is our goal at Vancouver Tree Service to provide a fair and high-quality service and leave every customer happy and satisfied. We understand that leaving a tree stump behind can be a real inconvenience. Imagine moving in to your new home and now you have to get rid of this big tree stump so you can enjoy your backyard. On the other hand removing them prior to selling your place can make your property look more appealing.

You can trust ​VTS, together with our team of certified arborists and tree surgeons to dispose of any unwanted ​left overs.

​The bottom part of a tree left protruding from the ground after most of the trunk has fallen or been cut down. Undertaking the ​disposal process by yourself can be expensive, time-consuming, and outright dangerous. Buying the machinery and equipment to effectively grind a stump instead of hiring professional tree service outfit will use up a lot of unnecessary spare time and cost you more. Wouldn’t you rather watch a hockey game or spend time with your family? These tasks should be carried out by trained professionals such as our team of arboricultural experts.

Benefits of ​​Removing Your Stump

We can deal with infected or diseased stumps and help you keep your other plants from suffering the same unfortunate fate. Here are a variety of benefits​:

Enhanced Aesthetics and Space

​They take up space and yard look crowded. They can even decrease your property value or turn off potential buyers in a real estate transaction. After the ​disposal process, you’ll find yourself left with a clearer space and increased aesthetic value of your property. It gives you the room to improve your landscaping and maybe even consider adding a flower bed, BBQ pit, pool or planting a new tree.

Free From Unwanted Growth and Pests

When a stump is left after cutting the tree, there are unwanted plants sprout up such as weeds that grow around it and absorb the water and nutrients in the soil. It can be damaging to the nearby valuable plants who are left with very few nutrients for proper growth. It is also very appealing to insects and rodents.

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Improved Safety

Aside from protecting your family and plants from unwanted insects and pest infestations, it also improves the safety and accessibility of your lawn. For residential areas with children or seniors at home, it keeps them safe and free from stumbling, thus removing potential dangers. And when you’re mowing the lawn, there will be no need for you to mow around the stump and inconvenience yourself. We can also remove trees​ for you.

Dangers of Tree Stumps

There are dangers that come with leaving ​a left over piece of the tree protruding from your lawn. Apart from making your lawn look unkempt and ugly, it also brings the danger of pests such as rodents and snakes and other infestations. ​These left over bits of tree ​are prone to rotting and decay, it invites pests and other diseases that can be harmful to your pets and valuable plants.

​Disposal Methods

There are different ways to remove tree stumps. It still depends on the situation or the kind of environment that the stump is in, to determine the best possible way to remove it. One of our most commonly used methods and area of expertise is stump grinding. We use specialized machines ​that grind them away​.

There’s also the option of using chemicals, which will accelerate the process of natural tree decay. However, it may take many months or years before the it’s fully gone, leaving your children or pets at risk for the entire tree rotting period. It may be great for removing a large number of them but there is a risk of soil contamination so it is not really recommended by experts.

What's left of a stump

​Using grinders is still the better option for homeowners who want their stump to disappear right away. We have the removal tools such as a chainsaw, trunk grinder, cutter, and other job specific machines and equipment. Hiring a professional tree service company is the best way to deal with your leftover stump. It helps you save time and money, and it is a more cost-effective solution.

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