About Us

Vancouver Tree Services is a company located in Vancouver, BC Canada. We pride ourselves for our high-quality services and excellent treatment of our clients and their trees.

We are dedicated to helping and building a better environment for everyone to enjoy. We believe that by taking care of the trees, we are getting closer to creating a safer and healthier environment which everyone can call their home.

Our company has a wide variety of customers ranging from residential homeowners, stratas to commercial clients. We value a fair and equal treatment to everyone and give great importance to customer relations. We are always thankful for the trust that our customers place on us. It is our goal to leave every customer happy and satisfied with our services.

We have ISA certified arborists and trained professionals who make sure that we can always provide the best tree services for you such as Tree Removal Service, Trimming and Pruning, Stump Grinding and Tree Planting Service.

Every successful tree service operation is made possible by a professional and highly trained individual together with the right equipment. Most of the equipment in our line of business is dangerous and complicated for non-qualified homeowners to use. We do not recommend DIY tree services that could cause serious damage and even death.

For residents under our area of service, feel free to call us or visit our office to get a free consultation and estimate of our services. Our doors are always open for you!