Tree Planting Advice for Homeowners

Under the right conditions and depending on the species, a tree can live for thousands if not millions of years. That means that picking a location where you would like to grow a tree is a very important step. According to experts, the location you pick should be able to host a fully grown tree. That rules outgrowing one in your closet like that marijuana plant you don’t own.

Who owns the land?

If it’s your land you are free to grow a tree anywhere you choose, however, if you intend to grow one in a school, library, senior apartment, church etc make sure that you have all the permission needed or someone will come and uproot it.

To avoid problems with the site owner you should get written permission to plant the tree. If you need a permit make sure that you get one.

What’s above and below?

Planting a tree over a gas pipe can cause a major incident in the event that it gets hit by lightning, the odds of that happening are low but it can happen. Also, roots can cause problems such as sewer blockages, as a consequence of that, you should avoid planting trees over sewer pipes.

If you decide to plant a tree on your property, you should also look at what is on top of it. If there are power lines overhead you should find a better location. That’s because the tree will grow and eventually reach the power line. That might result in electrocution and death. You should always have Vancouver Tree Services regularly trim and prune your trees.

How much sunlight?

Without sunlight, growth will stagnate or the tree will die, for that reason, you are advised not to plant trees too close together. Normally trees require 6 or more hours of sunlight a day depending on the species. You have to make sure that your plant gets that.

Trees also need water to survive, to make things easier for you; you should plant your trees near a water source. Remember the easier it is to bring water to the tree the more likely you will do it.

Choose the right time to plant

Spring and fall are the best times to plant a tree, during winter the conditions are not good enough to encourage growth thus the tree will die.

What type of tree should you plant?

Some plants including bamboo can make life nearly impossible for local plants these types of plants are called “invasive species”.  In some places, invasive species are prohibited by law meaning you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. Examples of invasive species of trees in North America are:

  • White poplar
  • Princes tree
  • Tallow tree
  • Mimosa
  • Umbrella tree
  • Black locust

Too close to the house

As the tree grows it can cause a lot of damage to your home. The roots might cause structural/foundation problems, the leaves might cause moisture or bug problems and if the tree gets too big and a storm happens it might result in property damage, so to be safe, plant a tree far away from your house.

Contact our team of Vancouver tree surgeons for professional advice.