Things You Need To Know About Tree Removal Services

You might not think too much about it, but that tree that you are currently sitting under or the one that’s outside your window can do a lot of damage to your home or someone else’s property. If a tree poses a threat to your home the obvious thing to do is to remove it. You can choose to do it yourself or you can choose to hire someone who knows exactly what he or she is doing to get the job done+. I am talking about tree removal services in Vancouver, BC; ask yourself this, how much do you know about these services?

I’m guessing very little, in your head you think that all they do is come to your home, cut down a tree and they are off just like the oompa loompas right? The truth is there is much more to this service; it’s not just about cutting trees. It’s also about keeping you out of legal problems and ensuring that you and your family are safe. Se the thing is, cutting down a tree is dangerous work meaning if you decide to do it yourself and employ the aid of let’s say your teenage son; you are putting yourself, child and other people at risk.

Is the tree protected?

In cities like Toronto, any activity that might result in destruction, removal or injury of a protected tree is prohibited, unless authorized with a permit under the appropriate tree protection by law. That’s according to the government website. In simple terms, you might need a permit to cut down a tree that’s growing in your backyard. Here is the tricky part; I’m guessing that you don’t know which trees are protected by the law and which ones are not, right?

Tree removers can tell the difference and they have permits, meaning if you hire a removal service you won’t have to worry about problems with the law.

What lies beneath?

Your yard maybe homes to buried cables, sewer, gas lines, buried treasure, and many other things. In the process of removing the stump, you might cause serious damage to these installations that might result in you having to pay for them. Tree removers know how to avoid these problems meaning your yard is safer in their hands.

Insurance is very important

A simple tree removal job might result in serious damage to your home or someone else’s. If the person doing the job doesn’t have insurance you may have to cover the resulting damage out of pocket and you don’t want that do you?

The important thing here is to only hire tree removers who have both property and personal injury insurance.

There are professionals and there are the “other guys”

As I have stated time and time again, tree removal is dangerous work. A professional tree surgeon is someone who knows exactly what he or she is doing if you hire one you won’t have to worry about things like underground hazards, property damage and what to do with all that tree. Don’t forget you’ll likely want to remove the stump after the tree has been cut down. Contact us for expert stump grinding services in Vancouver.